To understand my views on the issue, please see my previous post:
Hall of Flags Diversity Display
The idea to clearly establish the meaning of the Hall of Flags is also mentioned here:
The Meaning of the Hall of Flags

I really believe that the Hall of Flags can be reestablished if meaning of the display and rules are agreed upon by the students. I have faith that those with and without Vietnamese heritage can come together on an acceptable solution that respects everyone’s beliefs. The following is an ongoing attempt that I am making to clarify the meaning and adapt the rules.

Issues so far:

  • Separate the Hall of Flags from International Week.

  • Clearly state the meaning.

“Hall of Flags”

The display highlights the vast diversity that exists among our college of engineering students and serves as a reminder that as engineers we are to make the world a better place for everyone.

A flag is hung in the atrium of Nedderman Hall for each of the countries our engineering students represent. In no way does it endorse a nation, their politics or policies and is solely the creation of the College of Engineering.

1. Any College of Engineering international student may request the hanging of his or her country’s current official flag.

2. Only one student request is required.

3. Once a flag is hung, it will not be removed.

4. There are no other rules or qualifications.